Cottonwood BBS -- Improved Setup

From: Andrew Wiskow (
Date: 2007-01-10 20:29:58

I've recently aquirerd a CMD HD-200 hard drive
(thanks, Al!), as well as a couple 1581's (thanks,
Marco!), and with this, I've vastly improved the setup
for my BBS.  Until I get the update for AA BBS from
its author, I'm only able to have one 16 MB partition
of the 245 MB hard drive on the BBS, but even so, this
is a VAST improvement over what I was running.  And
now, I can officially announce quite happily that I
have DIVORCED my C=64c from the PC it was connected
to.  Everything is now 100% original!

I've updated the photo of my setup on the Cottonwood
BBS website at

Here's what the BBS is now running on:
  1 Commodore 64c Computer
  1 Commodore 1084S Monitor
  2 Commodore 1541 Disk Drives
  1 Commodore 1541c Disk Drive
  1 FSD-2 Excellerator+ Disk Drive
  2 Commodore 1581 Disk Drives
  1 CMD HD-200 Hard Drive (245 MB)
  1 MultiTech MultiModem224 (2400 baud)
  1 Black Rotary-Dial Desk Phone
  1 All American BBS by Nick Smith

Check it out now at (951)242-3593.  Call and
experience the world's last remaining Commodore 64
dial-up BBS!

(aka Balzabaar - SysOp)

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