Re: Renewed my site

From: André Fachat (
Date: 2007-01-10 20:17:42

Hi Ruud,

> I just renewed my site. To be honest, not being an artist, I shamelessly 

nice looking site! Especially lots of stuff I never knew about!

What is the status of the self-built 6502 (TTL6502?)? Sometimes it is not clear (to me) what the status of the projects is.

What about the EC8032? How can it actually display 80 columns, looking at the schematics of the video board it seems a standard setup that can display 80 columns only at 2MHz bus clock, but not 1MHz.

> I heard that there are some tools that enable you to check your site for 
> brooken links. Can anybody give me some info/URL about this? Thanks!

I use "checklink". I thought it would come with openSUSE, but obviously I installed it myself on my previous installation (since updated to SUSE 10.2). You get on (use the download link). That reminds me I should check my pages again myself :-)


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