Re: SFD-1001 Problem

From: Bryan Pope (
Date: 2006-12-29 23:17:48

And thusly were the wise words spake by Andrew Wiskow
> Thanks for everyone's help with my VIC-1541 problem...
>  :)
> I recently aquired an SFD-1001 drive, but I'm having
> problems with *it* now (not my lucky month with disk
> drives, I guess!)...
> The drive arrived with an SFD formatted disk in it.  I
> loaded the directory on that disk, and it listed fine.
>  I loaded and ran a couple programs on that disk, and
> those worked fine.  However, when I tried to format
> one of my fresh 96TPI disks, the drive light lit for
> about 30 seconds, then the computer returned to a
> ready prompt, and the error light on the drive was
> lit.  Reading the error channel produced the
> following:  20,READ ERROR,00,00,0
> I tried a couple other 96TPI disks with the same
> result.  I also tried a 48TPI disk, still with the
> same result.  I tried it connected to both a 64c and
> an old C-64.  I'm using the IEEE Flash! 64 interface
> by Skyles Electric Works, and I had the white wire
> clipped onto the appropriate locations on both
> computers.  On both computers, I had the same problem.


	My first thought, to rule out the IEEE interface - 
do you have a PET or another (working) IEEE drive? 
Then either hook the PET up to the SFD or the other 
drive to the C64 to see if you get the same problem.



> I opened the drive and cleaned the heads, but still
> had the same problem.
> The last thing I tried was writing a file to the disk
> that was included with the drive.  But when I did
> that, I got a read error, and now that disk is
> corrupt!  I can't even load the directory off it
> anymore.
> Has anyone experienced this sort of problem before? 
> Is there anything I can do to fix it?
> Also, on the topic of the IEEE interface, I have a
> seperate question...  The interface has four switches
> on it, and the documentation I have states that these
> switches do the following:
> Switch 1:  Turns interface on/off
> Switch 2:  Sets device #8 to IEEE or serial
> Switch 3:  Sets device #9 & 10 to IEEE or serial
> Switch 4:  Sets device #4 to IEEE or serial
> The documentation also states that device 11 is ALWAYS
> serial, and device 12 through 30 are ALWAYS IEEE.  Is
> there any way around this limitation?  I only want one
> device to be IEEE and the rest to be serial.
> Also, the interface seems to override JiffyDOS in my
> 64c.  Is there any way around this, to have JiffyDOS
> and the IEEE interface both work at the same time?
> -Andrew

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