SFD-1001 Problem

From: Andrew Wiskow (drewbrasil_at_yahoo.com.br)
Date: 2006-12-29 22:11:05

Thanks for everyone's help with my VIC-1541 problem...

I recently aquired an SFD-1001 drive, but I'm having
problems with *it* now (not my lucky month with disk
drives, I guess!)...

The drive arrived with an SFD formatted disk in it.  I
loaded the directory on that disk, and it listed fine.
 I loaded and ran a couple programs on that disk, and
those worked fine.  However, when I tried to format
one of my fresh 96TPI disks, the drive light lit for
about 30 seconds, then the computer returned to a
ready prompt, and the error light on the drive was
lit.  Reading the error channel produced the
following:  20,READ ERROR,00,00,0

I tried a couple other 96TPI disks with the same
result.  I also tried a 48TPI disk, still with the
same result.  I tried it connected to both a 64c and
an old C-64.  I'm using the IEEE Flash! 64 interface
by Skyles Electric Works, and I had the white wire
clipped onto the appropriate locations on both
computers.  On both computers, I had the same problem.

I opened the drive and cleaned the heads, but still
had the same problem.

The last thing I tried was writing a file to the disk
that was included with the drive.  But when I did
that, I got a read error, and now that disk is
corrupt!  I can't even load the directory off it

Has anyone experienced this sort of problem before? 
Is there anything I can do to fix it?

Also, on the topic of the IEEE interface, I have a
seperate question...  The interface has four switches
on it, and the documentation I have states that these
switches do the following:

Switch 1:  Turns interface on/off
Switch 2:  Sets device #8 to IEEE or serial
Switch 3:  Sets device #9 & 10 to IEEE or serial
Switch 4:  Sets device #4 to IEEE or serial

The documentation also states that device 11 is ALWAYS
serial, and device 12 through 30 are ALWAYS IEEE.  Is
there any way around this limitation?  I only want one
device to be IEEE and the rest to be serial.

Also, the interface seems to override JiffyDOS in my
64c.  Is there any way around this, to have JiffyDOS
and the IEEE interface both work at the same time?


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