Re: VIC-1541 problem

From: Marko Mäkelä (
Date: 2006-12-21 16:38:52

On Wed, Dec 20, 2006 at 04:19:07PM -0300, Andrew Wiskow wrote:
> I've got it... Thanks for the help!  I won't be able
> to get around to doing this right away, but I will do
> it sooner or later.  Since the "ROM-03" file should be
> pretty small, I'll just e-mail it to this list.

Thanks, you emailed it to me and Spiro.  It's identical with the
archived copy of 1541-e000.901229-03.bin.

So, we learned that there is a fundamental flaw with the -03 ROM.  This
is not surprising, because I've read previously that the 1581 doesn't
always behave correctly with the VIC-20.  I haven't experienced any
problems myself, but I haven't used my 1581 much.

Spiro, maybe you should repost your BASIC program after fixing the
bugs that Andrew reported and fixed.  Also, the program wrote 16
kilobytes to the file: 8 kilobytes of payload and 8 kilobytes of

Theoretically, the $c000 ROM could be at fault.  You could dump it
as well and send it to me, to rule out that possibility.  But I really
doubt it, because mask ROMs shouldn't die that easily, and the drive
works with the -05 ROM.


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