Another VIC-1541 issue

From: Andrew Wiskow (
Date: 2006-12-21 15:59:28

Okay... So changing the -03 ROM to an -05 ROM seems to
have solved the issues I was having with the drive
communicating with other drives.  Since then, I've
noticed a couple other "anomolies".  First, when using
the drive to copy entire disks with programs like
Maverick or Fast Hack 'Em, it seems to work just fine.
 But when saving files using SAVE"FILE",9 I get
errors.  I noticed this when I was using the drive on
my BBS as the upload drive, files uploaded weren't
saving correctly, the drive light started flashing in
the middle of the upload, and the resulting file on
the directory was showing 0 block and *PRG for the
file type.  I changed the drive to be a download-only
drive, and I've had no problems with it.  So it seems
to read just fine, but has issues writing files, but
not entire disks.  Does this make sense?   Also... 
When I format disks with this drive, the usual "head
knock" sounds "weak" to me.  Instead of the "bang bang
bang" that I'm used to, it's a real weak "tappity
tappity tappity".  Could both of these things be
related?  Could it just be a dying drive mechanism? 
Or could this be another problem?


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