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From: André Fachat (
Date: 2006-11-26 16:48:30

Hi there,

I have created board for my CS/A65 computer system to simulate a VC1581 floppy disk. I am successful to the point that I know the WD1772 stuff works (with a separate test program), as well as the CIA IEC stuff - I can call the drive from a C128 :-) and submit commands and read the error channel. The drive is selected (LED on) and the motor spins when the drive says so (starts and stops according to the command).

However, when I try to format a (known workin) DD disk, I get a 
"74, DRIVE NOT READY, 01, 00"

The differences I have in the hardware are related to the disk change signal (taken from the floppy bus pin 34) and I have the drive ready input on the CIA pulled low via resistor, as floppy bus pin 2 is used for double/high density (e.g. according to )

I tried to find (via google) the description how to use a PC floppy drive with the VC1581 but I only found something about the disk change, and not really about the drive ready.

Do you have any links or ideas that could help me?

My next plan is to copy a D81 image from VICE via PC to the disk and see if the drive can actually read it...


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