Re: 8250LP problems

From: B. Degnan (
Date: 2006-11-26 14:57:34

The IEEE converters are not always compatible with every type of CBM 
system.  It may be wise to try the drive on a system that is made 
originally for the IEEE drives to confirm that the 8250 is 100% OK.  The 
best way to do this aside from running ?ds$ is to format a disk using the 
header command.  (header "diskname", d0,i01 (assuming a disk is in the 0 
drive bay (left))

I assume you have the 8250 permanently wired to be drive 11.  If not, there 
are basic commands you can run to tell the internal 128d to be drive 9, and 
then tell the 8250 to be drive 8.  As drive 8 you may have better luck with 
the IEEE converter and drive commands.

If none of these options are available, here is the header command from the 
8050/8250 manual to format a disk in drive 11, bay 0 (from 128 mode):

header "my8250diskname",d0onu11,i01  [enter]

If I have made any errors, please advise.

Bill D

>>I have some problems with a 8250LP, connected to a C128Dcr via IEC2IEEE
>>The floppy reacts to a reset of the C128Dcr. I can read the status
>>(73,CBM DOS V2.7,00,00,0). Anyway, if I enter LOAD  "$0",11 (the drive
>>is #11), I only get "SEARCHING FOR $0", and the machine hangs there.
>>This is independant of weather there is a disc in the drive or not;
>>using drive 1 (that is, LOAD "$1",11), the same occurs. Additionally,
>>the drive does not start to spin.
>>I tried to format a disc (using OPEN 1,11,15,"N0:TEST,13"). With this,
>>the drive starts spinning, but I cannot hear the R/W head move.
>Try "CLOSE 1" first.  The command above is correct.
>>For of all: Is this commend for formatting correct? (I did not find a
>>manual about the 8250LP). Additionally, does anyone have an idea of what
>>could be wrong with the drive?
>Sometimes Commodore drives "hang-up" if the head is too for out.
>A block read command to track 0 usually works.  If not, you may have to 
>open the drive, and move the head manually to free it up.

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