PSD813 is a nice little chip

From: Magnus Eriksson (
Date: 2006-11-18 19:13:25

Hi guys.

I was browsing through back issues of Elektor at the local library when
noticed an article about building an ECG (electrocardiogram) cartridge
for the

  The interesting bit was that it used a chip from ST to interface to
processor, and it was described as very good for interfacing to any
era CPU.

  So I looked it up, and it's pretty neat.  The chip used was the
  PSD813, but
there are some variations within the product line.

The family:
Flash In-System Programmable (ISP) Peripherals For 8-bit MCUs, 5V



* 27 I/O pins (but you lose 8 when interfacing to a 6502
(non-multiplexed) bus)
* Programmable logic (CPLD), "3000 gates"
* 1 or 2 Mbit (128/256K) Flash
* optional 256 kbit (32K) secondary Flash
* optional 16/64/256 kbit (2/8/32K) SRAM, battery-backupable
* Page mapping register (so you can access all that) :-)
* JTAG (for reprogramming)

  I'm thinking that you could do some cool stuff with that, especially
programmable logic.  It shouldn't even be that hard to hack up something
acts almost like a CIA/VIA.  And that is before you figure out how to
processing to the CPLD part.  (First thought: GCR/MFM decoding?)

  And then you get a busload of memory too.  It doesn't look like it's
  going to
fit very well into a tiny memory window, but it would be interesting to
try and
work around that.

Anyway; I figured someone here might have not heard about that sort of
and might be interested.


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