Re: WTD: MOS 6545-1 (or Motorola's MC6845)

From: B. Degnan (
Date: 2006-11-16 17:32:24

Thanks everyone for their replies.

I placed an order with 
The minimum order is $20, so I got one each of all possible match chips.

Most likely the plain 6545 or 6845 will work because they are 1 mhz, but 
due to the fact that this is a custom/OEM 8296 I thought I would be prudent 
to order some 2mhz's, given the minimum order is $20 and then I have them 
for future use.

16545 6545$3.99$3.99
16545A 6545A$5.99$5.99
16845 6845$2.99$2.99
168B45 68B45$7.99$7.99

Bill Degnan

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