Malvern CBM 8296 Update

From: B. Degnan (
Date: 2006-11-16 05:10:31

Hi -

I cannot remember if I have communicated any news about the Malvern CBM 
8296 I reported to this group a while back.
Overall status - It still does not work, but I am working to resolve.
I have removed the add-on card to get at the motherboard to take some pictures
See especially
The 6545 chip (Cathode Ray Tube Controller) in this picture is hot to the 
touch, probably is bad. I am currently searching for a replacement.   I do 
not have a spare.
Note also that the processor is a 6502 A, not a "B" like other 
8296's.  Would be slower?

1) does this chip normally run hot?
2) could the display be causing the problem?
3) Any diagnostic ideas?

The Motherboard part number
80/40 Column CPU 64-128K
Assy Number 324645  Rev B
Made in West Germany

I have not spent time with a voltmeter, yet but that's next.

Here is a good link with more info about the chips:

Here is my original post again

OEM Commodore?
"Malvern Particle Sizer"

Initial inspection of unit - does not work.

1. Monitor electronics loose

2. Made in England but US electric compat.

3. Took off monitor, unplugged from base unit.

4. The power was disconnected, board detached from monitor. I re-attached, 
no screen output.

5. Disk drive gave familiar long blink/2 short blinks of a IEEE drive with 
a good controller. Internal cable IEEE.

6. The P/N of the drive controller is 251203 REV B 1983. (This is the 
sfd-1001 I have been told...)

7. Motherboard:
"80/40 column CPU 64/128
Ass number 324645"

8. Add on card above motherboard using two connectors to attach to mother 
board, with power:
"Malvern Instruments Ltd."
"2,5 PC"

9. No keyboard response to Shift+RUN/STOP

10. Can hear transformer and fan moves.
no part number

11. For kicks, plugged keyboard into B700 (B-128 high profile B Series) The 
keyboard for the Malvern CBM 8296 is mapped differently, here is an example:

]=Return cursor to top left (HOME)
shift = w
4 on keypad = a

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