Re: Using ST-225 in a CBM D9090 hard drive

From: B Degnan (
Date: 2006-10-01 16:23:44

I would not be concerned about an error indicating flash pattern 
upon initial power up unless your drive has been running for 15 minutes,
you've waited until then to power on the computer, and you still 
get a bad flash in response to the computer's boot.  I also wait 
for a while before attempting ?ds$ [enter].  This is documented the 
adendum to the drive manual.

At Sunday, 01 October 2006, you wrote:

>Hallo Bill,
>> .....
>> 19441 blocks free
>Almost exactly the same story over here. I have four 9060's (three ex-
>Anders) and one 9090 laying around. Non of them was working. Using the 
>board of the 9090 (which was flashing once the first time I powered 
it up 
>????), the middle board of one of the 9060's and a Miniscribe 8425F 
I got a 
>working combination, just ten minutes before I read your email. 
>Finally having a complete working combination after two months, 
I can test 
>the other stuff :)
>Regarding the one flash, if it should turn out a ROM error indeed,
at least 
>I have plenty of them :)
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