CBM or Pet replica?

From: Lord Doomicus (lorddoomicus_at_mac.com)
Date: 2006-09-16 03:36:20

I recently built an Apple I replica ( from Briel Computers - and it's  
pretty damn cool ).

Anyway, I was wondering what it would take to build a Pet or CBM  

I was thinking about trying to get the Pet Emulator that was posted  
here last year to emulate an Apple I just for the heck of it.

Unfortunately, it was an IOCCC and my C programming skills aren't up  
to the challenge of understanding it.

- Derrik

Derrik Walker v2.0, RHCE

...  I am using an Apple Macintosh to design the Cray-3  
supercomputer.  -- Seymour Cray, 1986

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