Re: Magic Voice got emulated

From: Grósz Attila (
Date: 2006-09-12 00:28:05

Mike Naberezny wrote:
> It would be great if all of these could all be collected on a web page 
> somewhere.
These were already archived at Zimmers et al ;-) but I am planning to 
write up
a not-so-short note about the T6721 and how the PARCOR synthesis 
actually works.
Well, most of it was guesswork so these are not 100% factual things :-)
That's why it could be nice if someone in possession of a Magic Voice would
measure a few things.
>> There are still a few sources of T6721 IC's out in the wild.
> Where?  I'd be interested in building a daughterboard for my expanded 
> C16.
While roaming a net for potential docs I have come across a few sites 
offering them,

It had been included in security alarm devices, too, maybe one could find
out the exact types, buy them on Ebay or such and rip them off.


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