ROM 901225-01 and CBM-II series

From: Anders Carlsson (
Date: 2006-07-25 21:38:24


From what I understand, the ROM with part number 901225-01 is better
known as the C64 character set?

Now, here is something odd. I have obtained two cartridges for the
CBM-II series (CBM 700/B256). Both cartridges supposedly contain
Word Result from Handic Software, printed label and ditto circuit.

Both these cartridges contains a socketed ROM, with part number 901225-01.
I suppose one needs a disk with the actual software, but why would the
cartridge contain a character ROM? In particular as the CBM-II series
generates its characters out of Kernel if I understand correctly.

Would the application software (that I don't have) somehow utilize the
character ROM in the cartridge as a copy protection? That is my best
guess, and that Commodore/Handic used a ROM chip they had plenty of.

Besides, does anyone know if there are autostarting cartridges for the
CBM-II series, or do all require disk software and the cartridge only
fills an auxillary function?

Anders Carlsson

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