EPROMs and more....

Date: 2006-07-12 22:46:19

Hallo allemaal,

Last week I could collect several computers, software, literature, EPROMs 
etc. I dumped all EPROMs and placed them here: 
www.baltissen.org/zip/eproms.zip The ZIP contains a TXT which describes 
what I found (or didn't). Feel free to have a llok at them.

I scanned all floppies. Most of it is PET/CBM material, some C64. 
Interesting: floppies from the Californian (?) magasine Cursor and TPUG, 
Toronto Pet User Group. Then a lot from a Dutch magasine: Pet Benelux 
Exchange. Problem: the ZIP file is about 11 MB and I cannot host that. So 
who is interested?

Also interesting: I found the schematics of the 64 KB add-on card to turn a 
8032 into a 8096. I never have seen them AFAIK and couldn't find them on 
Zimmer.net. But OTOH I couldn't find the docs going with this board either 
and AFAIK know they should be there, in TXT format. Any pointer?
One of the computers was a 8096. All memory expansion boards I know had 
this Motorola chip onboard. This one has an Intel D3242 onboard. And the 
datasheet could be found on the Internet !!! This all means that now we 
have a good chance to build our own expansion board.

I also started scanning manuals, Cursors, etc. related to CBM. In some 
cases it meant paine staking folding pages, in other cases I had more 
copies of the manual and cut on up so I could feed it to my sheetfeeder. 

I also got an original Commodore Newsletter, Volume 1, number 9. Anyone 

I'll keep you informed.....

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  / /  |_/     Groetjes, Ruud
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   \___|       http://Ruud.C64.org

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