Re: Update D9090 (was wtd tandon 603/2s

From: Ethan Dicks (
Date: 2006-07-07 05:22:29

On 7/7/06, B. Degnan <> wrote:
> An update to my progress
> 1.  I took the Tandon 603s out of the CBM D9090 and inserted into an IBM XT
> 2.  Successfully ran a low-level format
> 3.  No 1701 error upon boot up

Good... that means that the controller recognized it.

> 4.  Was unable to format drive with MS DOS, but unsure if I should be able
> to as is

Should have been able to.  Once the Low Level format is on there,  the
next step is an FDISK, then a DOS FORMAT.

> 5.  Noticed that the drive connector cable was a little shabby so I put
> electrical tape on the connector
> 6.  re-seated the MFM controller (inner controller) chips
> 7.  re-assembled everything


> 8.  got the all clear lights upon boot up.  ran drive for 20 minutes to get
> it warmed up per manual


> 9..  initiated a header command - header "degnan", d0,i04  [enter]
> 10.  did not get "bad disk" error...started format at 9:57 PM.
> Both drive lights are solid green
> Using B-128 - Drive has not returned control to the computer like you'd expect.
> 11.  Will come back in a few hours.
> Question - should I be able to hear "clicks"? on the drive?

Hmm... the drive should be stepping, but not sure if it will be
audible with the cover on.

As for returning after the header command, it's been 6-7 years since I
formatted one - don't recall that specific point of behavior.

What I do recall is that it can take 3 hours or so to format, and if
it fails, you should get blinky error lights - read the status
variables and see what they say.  I don't think I saw a lot of
progress during a format, but it's been a while.

Hopefully it's quietly humming along...


> question - should the bottom green drive lot be flashing in time with the
> format process?
> question 2 - If nothing happens, how do I safely shut down the process?
> question 3 - any one know what's supposed to happen after a person runs
> command in step 9 above?  If you header a regular diskette you're returned
> control of the computer while the disk formats.  I would expect this to be
> the case also when formatting a hard drive.  For this reason, and the fact
> that I hear no clicks my hopes are not high.
> Thanks and have a great day.
> Bill D
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