Update D9090 (was wtd tandon 603/2s

From: B. Degnan (billdeg_at_degnanco.com)
Date: 2006-07-07 04:07:42

An update to my progress

1.  I took the Tandon 603s out of the CBM D9090 and inserted into an IBM XT

2.  Successfully ran a low-level format

3.  No 1701 error upon boot up

4.  Was unable to format drive with MS DOS, but unsure if I should be able 
to as is

5.  Noticed that the drive connector cable was a little shabby so I put 
electrical tape on the connector

6.  re-seated the MFM controller (inner controller) chips

7.  re-assembled everything

8.  got the all clear lights upon boot up.  ran drive for 20 minutes to get 
it warmed up per manual

9..  initiated a header command

header "degnan", d0,i04  [enter]

10.  did not get "bad disk" error...started format at 9:57 PM.

Both drive lights are solid green
Using B-128 - Drive has not returned control to the computer like you'd expect.

11.  Will come back in a few hours.

Question - should I be able to hear "clicks"? on the drive?

question - should the bottom green drive lot be flashing in time with the 
format process?

question 2 - If nothing happens, how do I safely shut down the process?

question 3 - any one know what's supposed to happen after a person runs 
command in step 9 above?  If you header a regular diskette you're returned 
control of the computer while the disk formats.  I would expect this to be 
the case also when formatting a hard drive.  For this reason, and the fact 
that I hear no clicks my hopes are not high.

Thanks and have a great day.

Bill D

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