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From: B Degnan (
Date: 2006-06-24 19:04:32

I have one of the original 8088 co-processor card prototypes from 
CBM's labs.  TO make it work I also needed a compatible PLA chip 
on the motherboard.   Did Bo make an after-market card or does he 
have an original?  I don't think that the original 8088 co-processor 
works on a newer 720 without further modifications of the 720.  I 
would like to learn more about that.

If you're interested I can put together all of my notes and pictures 
into a web page to illustrate the system.  I have spent a lot of 
time tracking down all of the bits and pieces.  Recently I did an 
exhibit of the B systems at the VCF 3.0 East. 

Bill D

At Saturday, 24 June 2006, you wrote:

>Hallo Bill,
>> My specialty is B Series Commodore systems, IEEE drives and printers.
>Ah, another IEEE drives fan :) 
>> My most recent major project this spring has involved adding an 8088
>> co-procesor to B series computer ....
>Very interesting. I re-engineered Bo Zimmer's 8088 card for the 
720. Is 
>this what you are using or something else.
>> Are there any B Series fans in this group?
>Count me in.
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