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From: B Degnan (
Date: 2006-06-24 03:05:35

Hi - I have been a CBM hacker for a while now, glad to finally join 
this list.  

My specialty is B Series Commodore systems, IEEE drives and printers.
I have a couple prototypes from the West Chester labs (I happen 
to live nearby the original factory).  My most recent major project 
this spring has involved adding an 8088 co-procesor to B series computer 
and I have successfully run MS DOS 1.25 on this system, plus a few 
versions of CP/M 86.  Are there any B Series fans in this group?

I am also experienced with all other CBM systems KIM through C128D.
I don't do as much with the Amigas.  On my workbench at all times 
is a C-128 (with Jiffy DOS) using 1541/1571/1581 drives.  On the 
other bench is my B-128 setup using sfd-1001 and 8050 drives.  At 
work I take a few minutes each day with my VIC-20 to play a little 
"Omega Race", that game never gets boring.

I hope to be able to contribute to the group.

Bill D
Landenberg, PA USA
My web site is

-- E N D --

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