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Date: 2006-06-09 09:00:21

Hi all,

Here is the extract from "The PET Revealed"  I was mentioning. I
already posted this on this mailing list, sorry for repeating myself


On 6/9/06, Nicolas Welte <> wrote:
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> > Von:
> > > Furthermore: on the user port of the PET you can extract a composite
> > > video signal.
> >
> > That is a good option, but may be a better one: what about connecting
> > anpther CBM monitor? IIRC the 2001 has the same pinouts as all newer CBM
> > series so you should be able to connect thew monitor of a CBM 8032 for
> > example.
> Careful! the sync polarities can differ between monitor models, and you have to make sure these are correct.
> I have a circuit for connecting an external CGA monitor to the userport on, but all units I made are sold out. But with a multisync monitor and some luck, you don't need the buffering and the inverters, and a simple cable connection will do as well.
> Nicolas
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