reading status channel in ML
Date: 2006-04-09 11:12:52

I vaguely recall having some problems with this and even resolving  
them many years ago. Now I of course don' t remember that and have  
some problems again. the question: does opening the #15 secadd  
channel in ML require some kind of special attention? It seems that  
it is somehow connected with $b7 (FNLEN). When $b7 is equal to zero  
(like e.g. after loading from tape) I get some strange behaviour.  
OTOH I get differently strange results when not setting $b7 to zero -  
in other places. Furthermore, another question - when should and when  
shouldn't one CLOSE() / CLALL() after using the channel?

What I need to do should be so simple (checking if the file exists):

SETLFS(file0, dev0)
SETNAM(file0, dev0)
OPEN(file0, dev0)
SETLFS(statuschannel, dev0)
OPEN(statuschannel, dev0)
CHKIN(statuschannel, dev0)
CHRIN(statuschannel, dev0) UNTIL $0d
CLOSE(statuschannel, dev0)
CLOSE(file0, dev0)

Yet it seems that I get different results, depending on the content  
of $b7 and the position of CLOSE/CLRCHN/CLALL even in combinations I  
would expect to make no difference.

Any clues?

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