sdpard64 - new version (0.7.2), more speed, multiple SERIAL devices allowed.
Date: 2006-04-09 03:23:00

>>>> if you have IDE64 interface and parallel connection for your  
>>>> 1541 then
>>>> under

If anybody could test it with different SERIAL devices attached?

0.7.2  (2006-04-09)
- parallel transfer routines rewritten. Current ones
   no longer use ATN line and therefore allow more than one
   SERIAL device on the bus during transfer. Yes, one
   won't have to turn off the extra drive(s) from now on!
   Tested only with second (1571) drive. More tests with
   different devices (printers, plotters, other drives)
   highly welcome. Soci - your turn for ideservd, please!
- raster based PAL/NTSC identification routine is now
   used rather than volatile, KERNAL dependent $02a6

0.7.1  (2005-12-29)
- reassembled to make proper use of zeropage variables.
   This version is now shorter and sets a new
   record: 21.6s for a clean 35 tracks image.
   Thanks go to Soci for finding out the assembler
   misbehaviour and reporting.
- changed the sort order of entries in the changelog.

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