Re: 8250 and C64 disks

From: Claus Just Rasmussen (
Date: 2006-04-02 23:09:57

Hi again,

Did the test with the disk with problems - and the exact result:

ibcmd ERROR
ibsta=&Hc170 < ERR TIMO CMPL REM CIC ATN >
iberr = 6 <Op. aborted>
ibcnt = 0

I then retried with the no-timeout option enabled. Worked like a charm - 
copyed the whole disk! The old version timed out.
(it's still creating these funny files: I'm asking it to do c:\diskette, 
which it does. Size=4166 bytes, and I also get an F82 file in current 
directory, which has the correct size and is the file that contains the 
image. Not a problem at all, not that I know it, but funny :-)

AND this new version allowed me to rescue the disk - fantastic! I'm 
really happy about that! Thanks!!

I'll be checking out 4040 asap.


Nicolas Welte wrote:
> I made a new version of my transfer program. It can be downloaded here:
> I added two options:
> -t
> -f
> They control the GPIB timeout and the disk format. e.g. -t 0 will 
> disable timeout, -t 13 is the default (10s). -t 11 is the minimum that 
> works here (1s) and -t 17 is the maximum the driver offers, beside the 
> disable option.
> -f 40 will select 4040 format. It is pretty untested, because I don't 
> have a working 4040 drive. Currently it creates images with the 
> correct size with my 1001, but with the incorrect filename extension. 
> Rename to d64 manually :) Please let me know if it works with a 4040. 
> I didn't touch the 6502 code that is downloaded to the drive yet, 
> because the code is *very* simple, it *might* work on the 4040.
> Nicolas
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Claus Just Rasmussen, BSc.EE.

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