Re: C2N232 availability?

From: Cameron Kaiser (
Date: 2005-12-14 18:29:47

> I don't think I answered this but in general I found three  
> misbehaviours when trying to use c2nload:
> 1. The header seems to be sent again and again and again...
> 2. The header starts to be sent and then gets cut in the middle
> 3. "Nothing" happens, i.e. CBM continues to say "PRESS PLAY ON TAPE"  
> while c2nload doesn't seem to get past checking the C2N232's  
> presence. In some cases it says that there was no reply from C2N232.
> Prolific under OS X falls into category #2.

Driver and OS X version? I have Prolific adaptors connected to 10.4.3 and
10.2.8; I forget the exact driver versions.

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