Re: C2N232 availability?
Date: 2005-12-14 17:04:24

On 2005-12-14, at 16:29, Cameron Kaiser wrote:

>> 		OS X	GNU/Linux	w2k
>> Keyspan		O	?		X
>> Prolific	X	X		O
>> Cypress		?	X		?
>> where "?" means either lack of driver or driver initialisation
>> problems, "O" means OK and "X" means doesn't work properly.
> I'm just curious what the exact problem with the Prolific PL-2303  
> under
> OS X was. (If you answered this and I missed it, I apologise.)

I don't think I answered this but in general I found three  
misbehaviours when trying to use c2nload:

1. The header seems to be sent again and again and again...
2. The header starts to be sent and then gets cut in the middle
3. "Nothing" happens, i.e. CBM continues to say "PRESS PLAY ON TAPE"  
while c2nload doesn't seem to get past checking the C2N232's  
presence. In some cases it says that there was no reply from C2N232.

Prolific under OS X falls into category #2.

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