Re: D64 with IDE64 and a parallel connected 1541... record beaten!?
Date: 2005-11-20 21:08:28

As I still have this (from README):

- sometimes on my 1541 I have a very bad readout with lots of errors
   while another run, without touching the disk goes smoothly. Don't
   know if that's a bug or my 20 year old hardware gimmicks...

I would be grateful if some more people tested this on multiple  
(healthy!) disks/drives and reported how does it behave with their  
drives. Thank you in advance.

On 2005-11-15, at 01:16, wrote:

>> Hi all,
>> if you have IDE64 interface and parallel connection for your 1541  
>> then
>> under

0.6.0  (2005-11-20)
- destination image name no longer hardcoded
- RUN/STOP can now be used to abort and exit at the main menu
- now uses more memory for track buffers and therefore can buffer
   up to five tracks at a time. Although I find the results a little
   disappointing. Read: I expected a noticeable speedup, while the
   achieved one is rather neglegible. I may revert to the old
   one-track-at-a-time behaviour in the future unless I find a way
   to get more speedup out of this.
- Optimised the new GCR conversion routines (about 3s gain). With this
   version I managed to make a 35 tracks d64image in 22.6s, which I
   believe to be a new record on the 64! Correct me if I am wrong.
- c00l colour based track counter at the cost of 140 clock cycles ;-)
- version number properly updated this time...

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