Re: Documented listing C64
Date: 2005-11-03 19:32:18

On 2005-11-03, at 18:34, Josef Angstenberger wrote:

> Hello
>> I have various books myself, including the above. But I want one in
>> electronic format to use as base for my own Kernal. I have a Kernal
>> generated by my own disassembler but one without any comments. OK,  
>> I already
>> started to fill in my own but being a lazy person..... :)
> What about the listing on

That one's good! I haven't heard of the site before but after short  
glance it seems to be the second to the best German books only in  
completeness but very good in terms of the forms presented. What's  
funny is that exactly yesterday I started scanning and OCRing the  
1541 ROM listing from "Das große Floppybuch zur 1541", whereas this  
guys seems to have done it already. Looks like the 1541 section is  
based on that book too.

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