RE: Documented listing C64

From: Daniel Kahlin (
Date: 2005-11-03 19:24:50

On Thu, 3 Nov 2005, Josef Angstenberger wrote:

>> I have various books myself, including the above. But I want one in
>> electronic format to use as base for my own Kernal. I have a Kernal
>> generated by my own disassembler but one without any comments. OK, I 
>> already
>> started to fill in my own but being a lazy person..... :)
> What about the listing on
> It seems well documented. I don't know if it's complete, but I think so.
> The differences between Kernal 2 and 3 (and SX) are also documented.

That one looks pretty good.  It's not in "source" format though, i.e no 
labels, so you couldn't feed it directly to your assembler.  A small 
script to strip the comments from it and apply it to the source-code Ruud 
already has could be feasible though.


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