Re: C library for d64 handling
Date: 2005-10-11 12:56:21

On 2005-10-11, at 12:06, Baltissen, GJPAA (Ruud) wrote:

>> BTW. I just "luv" your front page on paradroid!
> I completely agree!
> A question for Per: would you mind if I use your idea for my  
> website as
> well? But in this case I want to use the PET 2001 or CBM 8032 as  
> base, not
> the C64.
> To extend this idea, I want to start with the normal start-up  
> screen of the
> 8032 and then 'something' types LOAD"$" etc., etc. But how to do that?
> Animated GIF, Flash, Java?

To keep it a) lightweight b) simple and c) most compatible - stick to  

> I only have experience with HTML. Don't worry, I
> won't ask anyone to do the work for me, pointers to how to do it is  
> all I
> need and are very welcome.

I'd make the full "screenshot", divide it into appropriate slices and  
make the required gifanims. With gifanims you may want to keep the  
whole animated area in one file as to be sure it shows in the  
expected sequence.

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