Re: drive-side routine
Date: 2005-10-06 14:12:00

On 2005-10-06, at 07:00, Spiro Trikaliotis wrote:

>> Could you send me the MOS version in a spare second if you don't mind
>> me being lazy on google? I found the strange WDC one as for now (true
>> - didn't spend too much time googling on that ;-)
> You can get it from

Got it. TNX.

>>> 1. He found it to be "cool" to do it in a way one would not  
>>> expect it.
>> I slowly start tending to believe in this while I still don't really
>> understand how it works. I think that I'll try to rewrite it myself
>> and see if it still works after that... Just need to get back to the
>> real hardware as my VICE has some problems with this code.
> Do you have a binary of this code?

Well, I can assemble it with one command so the answer is "yes" :-)  
Or do you want the one it's derived from? Mine is already partially  
rewritten in places I found important for further development. Of  
course I can send you both too ;-) Should I send it to

> I would like to test it on VICE
> myself.


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