Help needed to rescue/identify ML stuff

From: Al Anger (
Date: 2005-09-17 15:25:56

Hello everyone,

I bought a CMD HD on eBay. It was not sold by the original owner, and
the original owner can't be located. (for whatever reason, I didn't ask)

It is full of ML stuff:

Source code for assemblers, e-prom burners, BASIC programming aids;
rom dumps, char sets, and who knows what.  Most of it is dated '90
through '94.

Most of it looks like the intended computer is the C64, some of it makes
reference to the VIA, so that makes me think it might be the VIC20.
There is a dir labeled VDC, so there is some 128 stuff.

It adds up to 57,453 blocks; some of which is CMD utilities(RamLink, FD,
HD). Someone put a lot of effort into all of this.

Anyway, I wanted to offer it to the community before I wipe the drive for
other uses. Any help gratefully accepted.

Best regards,

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