Re: Indus GT floppy drive power supply
Date: 2005-09-04 09:21:07

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> I have come across a Indus GT Commodore compatible floppy drive.  It does 
> not have it's power supply with it.  Does anybody know what it requires?  
> I am guessing 12 V DC at about 1.5 A.  

The following came from one who has an Indus GT.

O.K., Here is the deal with the Indus GT Drives.
All of the Indus GT power supplies are in reality power supplies from 
Atari 5200 video game systems.  No Kidding!  If you peel off the Indus 
sticker on the power supply it says "Atari 5200".  Indus bought the 
power supplies from Atari cheap after the 5200 didn't do well so all 
you need to do is purchase an Atari 5200 power supply and off you go!  
Nothing needs to be changed with the drive or the power supply, it's 
plug and go!

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