Does a nibbler for a CBM 8250 exist?
Date: 2005-08-18 16:43:06

I would like to make copies of Commodore 900 disks with my CBM 8250:

First I tried to use the BASIC 4.0 "backup"-command. But that didn't work because of different disk-formats. Afaik both have the same physikal farmats (capacity, number of tracks and sectors, ...) but different logical formats. Hope you understand what I mean?! It's hard for me to explain it in english. 

Than I tried a little sector-by-sector-copy-program . With a little help (thank you Ruud) I got this program (using block-read and -write commands) up and running. This only works with a already formated destination-disk because the 8250 wants to read and write the BAMs. No format -> no BAMs  -> no copy!

I need a program which just copies the sectores by sector without writing BAMs or anything else. 
Is that possible with a 8250? 
Does anyone already has a nibbler?

Jan Janssen
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