Re: About tape-loaders and the flag input

From: Hársfalvi Levente (
Date: 2005-08-18 16:34:36

Laze Ristoski wrote:

> Anyone knows what's stored in TAPs? Period or phase?

In principle, the time spent between two subsequent falling edges of the 
CAS READ signal =-) . The measure is some multiples of the C64 cpu clock 
(if I remember correctly). So the answer to your question is "period".

Some enhancements allow storing "half-waves" (e.g. storing the time of 
each subsequent transitions). The very first transition's polarity is 
fixed. ...But for C64 tap files, you can safely assume that full periods 
are registered (as the C64 couldn't detect "half" periods either, due to 
the (falling) edge-triggered portbit used for CAS READ).

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