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Date: 2005-08-14 02:56:13

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> If you know any other method of replacing the indexhole/LED stuff  
> on the PC
> drive, please let me know.

As I wrote on c.s.c. - my (yet untested) idea is to use black tape  
attached to the side of the "turntable" with a small strip of metalic  
tape and use the optical way.

> Another question - I guess some of you have the IDE64, which now  
> can use CF
> Flash cards instead of IDE drives. Great stuff. I think it would be  
> cool to make
> an 8 sec GCR copy that copies a whole 1541 disk image to IDE64 - is  
> there such a
> tool already?

There is unfinished product of mine, which is basically a reversed  
and partially adapted 15sec copy. Until now I made it work with both  
Speed/Dolphin2 AND Dolphin3 and started adapting to IDE64. I still  
wanted to make it work with Prologic parallel connection before I  
fully move to IDE stuff but if there is a need - I may change  

> If not I'll do it (but first I need to know where to buy a IDE64
> and how much it costs).

Surely tried on the creators' site?

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