Please help with Catweasel Reed-Contact
Date: 2005-08-12 22:38:17

Howdy Hackers :-)

I need a bit of help with reading the second diskside of 1541-disks in Catweasel 
You probably remember that you have to mount a magnet and a reed-switch to the 
PC drive in order to replace the light resistor/index hole stuff. 
However, I've got some bad experience with several reed contacts - it seems they 
sometimes miss the magnet and thus don't do the pulses properly.
If someone got it "properly" please grab your oscilloscope and tell me how the 
normal light diode/resistor pulses ought to be like in timing and duration (i.e. 
length of pulse). And please recommend me a reed-switch that is reliable - I 
have tried several, none of them being reliable enough to generate the pulses.

If you know any other method of replacing the indexhole/LED stuff on the PC 
drive, please let me know.

Another question - I guess some of you have the IDE64, which now can use CF 
Flash cards instead of IDE drives. Great stuff. I think it would be cool to make 
an 8 sec GCR copy that copies a whole 1541 disk image to IDE64 - is there such a 
tool already? If not I'll do it (but first I need to know where to buy a IDE64 
and how much it costs). 


Ein Service von

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