RE: C900 and ATX Power Supplies...

From: Mike Paull (
Date: 2005-08-03 10:55:27

> The only thing I'm doing strangely when the ps is not under load is that I
> cross the always-on 5V line on the ATX with the Power-On line on
> the ATX to
> force the power supply to come on.  I suspect, perhaps, that this
> might have
> been the wrong thing to do.
> Any suggestions are welcome.  Without an answer, I'll have to go
> try and dig
> up a really small non-atx supply I suppose.. One that doesn't require any
> "tricks" to turn on.
> - Bo

Hi Bo,

The power switch on an ATX style case is only a momentary switch, if your
using a switch that holds the 5V line on the Power-On line that might cause
some problems. Other than that, take the PSU out and test it by connecting
up a couple of hard drives and/or cdrom to make sure it isnt faulty.


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