Re: Fett OT (was Re: Verkantet in English)

From: Grósz Attila (
Date: 2005-07-18 18:21:06


Christian Johansson <> írta:

> Rainer Buchty skrev:
> I can add that the word "fett" is also used in youth speak
in Sweden > and it means the same as in youth speak in
Germany. Btw, I wonder 
> which country this meaning of "Fett/fett/fedt" originates
from. Does it > come from Germany, Denmark, Sweden or
somewhere else? I think it 

Maybe Ruud will join in on this, but I can assure you
beforehand, that it also exists in the Dutch youth speak
with the same meaning ("vet","vet cool" - here mixed with
English word, not very nice).

What more, Hungarian, a non-Indoeuropean language is also
experiencing something similar nowadays. Assuming that
"fett" also applies for what "fat" is in English, then the
Hungarian equivalent ("zsír") is being recently used in this
situation (e.g something being "cool").

Now I am really puzzled which language has begun with this =)


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