Re: Fett OT (was Re: Verkantet in English)

From: Christian Johansson (
Date: 2005-07-18 17:32:46

Rainer Buchty skrev:
>>huh, and what's the meaning of "Fett" in contemporary youth speak??
> "Fett" nowadays seems to be used synonym to "huge". For example, you can 
> be asked to give a "fetten Applaus" these days. Although, if something 
> is "fett krass" -- often abbreaviated as "fett!" -- that means "very 
> cool", or, depending on the context, "very shocking".

I can add that the word "fett" is also used in youth speak in Sweden and 
it means the same as in youth speak in Germany. Btw, I wonder which 
country this meaning of "Fett/fett/fedt" originates from. Does it come 
from Germany, Denmark, Sweden or somewhere else? I think it was used in 
Denmark before it was used in Sweden because I heard it being used by 
Danish youth long before I heard people starting to use this expression 
in Sweden. However, I might be wrong. Maybe it's just because I'm not 
among youth myself that I think so.


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