Re: C64 Problem
Date: 2005-06-27 02:47:45

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<< when I connect the new C64C with the VC1541, when I start loading
 anything from the disk, the C64 resets and the floppy hangs. >>
<< when I replace the C64C with another C64C, it works >>
<< when I replace the VC1541 with another VC1541-II, it also works! >>
<< Another question: The new C64C has a serial number in the 100000s
and an old-style (like my original C64) power supply. The other C64C has a 
brick-style power supply, it has a serial number in the 500000s.>>
<< The pins in the power plugs of those power supplies are different. Can I 
actually exchange them? >>

The two power supplies are interchangable. As for the "new" drive acting up, 
odds are it has a problem that is manifesting itself only with the "new" C64C. 
 There serial numbers may provide a clue as to why.  The first C64C's used 
old boards same as the bread box 64's, whereas later C64C's used new 
reconfigured boards which condensed chips, etc. -- Rolf

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