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From: Patrycjusz R. Łogiewa (
Date: 2005-06-26 20:46:41

On 2005-06-25, at 22:52, fachat wrote:

> Hi,
> I recently got a C64C plus VC1541 (not VC1541-II!) from ebay,
> and it shows the following symptom:
> when I connect the new C64C with the VC1541, when I start loading
> anything from the disk, the C64 resets and the floppy hangs.
> So far so bad, I thought this is either the floppy or the C64
> hardware. Now when I replace the C64C with another C64C, it works.
> But, using the broken setup, when I replace the VC1541 with another
> VC1541-II, it also works!
> Anyone has an idea here?

Not really. Some thorough hands-on checking would probably reveal the  
reasons but remotely can't say much :-(

> Another question: The new C64C has a serial number in the 100000s
> and an old-style (like my original C64) power supply. The other
> C64C has a brick-style power supply, it has a serial number in the
> 500000s. The pins in the power plugs of those power supplies
> are different. Can I actually exchange them?

Actually I believe they should be *the same* with the condition that  
the newer/brick style may contain only the subset (4 pins) of the  
original one. Both the old and the new C64 PSUs were somewhat  
unreliable but they should be interchangeable w/o any problems. Just  
have in mind that with the 4pin el cheapo plugs a good number of  
people managed to insert it improperly and effectively fry their 64s.  
I threw away tens of such irreparable boards in the old days. Be  
careful and you should have no problems (unless the PSU goes wild on  
its own - which can happen). I personally like most the PSUs from the  
late VIC20s with two fuses on the back. My 64 is being supplied by  
one of those for over 20 years now ;-)

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