Re: Data transfer methods

From: Marko Mäkelä (
Date: 2005-05-12 08:28:53

On Wed, May 11, 2005 at 06:55:10PM -0500, Jim Brain wrote:
> From my work with FAT, it appears only the space char is illegal in a 
> FAT filename.

Didn't you forget about other metacharacters [<>*?/] and
the colon?  Also, deleted file names are marked with 0xe5 or something
like that in the first character of the file name.

By the way, I recently learned that VMS, which has a really funny way of
specifying directory paths, has a special file system that supports Unix-like
directory paths.

> And, I can now report that VIP is functional, and also supports 
> JiffyDOS.  Code cleanup and server code development is ongoing, but I 
> finally (after 6 tries) managed some IEC routines that work and can 
> support JiffyDOS.  Jochen beat me by a couple weeks, though.  However, I 
> did use his documentation extensively; my JiffyDOS support would be not 
> happened without the docs.

Have you set up a project page that could be linked to?

Yesterday I noticed that Microchip's PIC family of microcontrollers has been
extended by some USB capable ones, such as the 18F2455.  The chips in that
family should be sufficient for a combined USB to IEEE-488 and serial bus
interface (and maybe cassette as well).  Any takers?  The same chip could
also be used for adapting Commodore keyboards to USB HID.  The only open
question is: how do you flash the firmware over the USB?  I didn't find any
Linux-related documentation for that.


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