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From: Jim Brain (
Date: 2005-05-12 01:55:10

Marko Mäkelä wrote:

>Using FAT causes more trouble than expected.   (Oh well, newer file
>systems have problems with file names as well.  Take the case-insensitive
>Apple HFS+, for example.  If I have understood the technical notes correctly,
>the case-folding will effectively treat strings consisting of non-Latin
>letters as empty strings.  This would mean that e.g., Greek, Russian or
>Japanese users would have to give Latin names to their documents.)
 From my work with FAT, it appears only the space char is illegal in a 
FAT filename.  For cross platform usage, '.' and '\' might also need to 
be avoided, but the actual spec doesn't prevent them from being used.  
FAT is a single byte charset, so only whatever will fit into 8 bits per 
char will work, but that's no worse than CBM.

>Actually, you shouldn't really assume anything else than the ISO-9660
>character set from the underlying operating system if you intend to make
>the application portable.
>mentions CBM-HD as well as IEEE2IEC, which Jochen Adler recently released
>under the GPL.  It makes IEEE-488 devices look like Commodore serial bus
>devices, and it even supports the JiffyDOS protocol.  It's based on an
>Atmel ATMega8515 microcontroller.
And, I can now report that VIP is functional, and also supports 
JiffyDOS.  Code cleanup and server code development is ongoing, but I 
finally (after 6 tries) managed some IEC routines that work and can 
support JiffyDOS.  Jochen beat me by a couple weeks, though.  However, I 
did use his documentation extensively; my JiffyDOS support would be not 
happened without the docs.


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