Installing a 1581 in a 128D

From: Al Anger (
Date: 2005-05-08 22:30:36

Hello Everyone,

It was asked on IRC last evening, who had instructions for putting a
1581 in a 128D.
at: [21:31]

While I have done it, (and it isn't too hard), I don't have anything
written up. The only thing I have at this time is a couple of pictures
halfway down the page. 

Since I'm looking for another project; if anyone wants it done, I like
to do it again. If you send me the parts, I'll make it and document it
as I go. I'll release the documentation to public domain.

I no longer have access to the original 128D/1581, at this time, as I'm
currently on a work project in another city.

You get the mod for free. (made by a somewhat infamous modder)
The C= community gets the How-To.
You pay for shipping.

Anyway; just thought I'd throw it out there....

Al Anger
Truly dangerous with a screwdriver

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