Re: Magic Voice Schematics

From: Nicolas Welte (
Date: 2005-04-06 08:18:58

Grósz Attila wrote:
> I have just made a quick disassembly of it. Well, reverse engineering 
> the ROM program
> itself takes more time than simply dumping the parameters with an 
> adequately modified
> emulator after the interfacing is done ;-) Which puts up the question: 
> is it possible to load
> the MV cartridge into VICE? I could not attach it properly as 'General 
> 16 cartridge'.

The memory mapping of the MV is quite complicated. I think it starts up in 
Ultimax configuration (ROM at $a000-$bfff and $e000-$ffff), and then copies 
part of the code to $c000-$cfff. Then the memory configuration is changed, so 
the C64 Kernal and BASIC is active, and a normal 8k cartridge ROM at 
$a000-$bfff is present (or does it also copy to RAM $a000-$bfff? I forgot.). 
So it behaves quite differently than a general 16k cartridge ;)


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