Who uses o65 for what?

From: fachat (afachat_at_gmx.de)
Date: 2005-03-30 10:10:04

Hi all,

I would like to make a small survey about who is using the o65 file format 
for what purpose. Before I am going to make some incompatible changes, I
should know what features are actually used and must thus be considered

If you are using o65, could you please answer these short questions?

1) What are you using o65 for?
   E.g.: main executable format for system xyz, object file format for linking, ...

2) For what CPUs are you using the format?

3) What special features are you using?
   E.g.: late binding, exported globals, simple file format, 

4) What special features are you not using?

As an example I have the description of my own use of o65:

GeckOS/A65 operating system: o65 is the main file format for the GeckOS operating system for executables.
It uses late binding to insert the kernel jumptable address as well as the lib6502 jumptable address into the executable at load time. Also it searches the (optional) "main" label to start the executable. Name lengths can be arbitrary as they are not stored, name encoding is ASCII. Currently the simple file format is not required, the loader can handle arbitrary segment addresses.

Many thanks!

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