Re: SX-64 compatibility

From: Mark Street (
Date: 2005-02-19 17:10:45

Marko Mäkelä wrote:

> The SX-64 cartridge port is connected by a ribbon cable, which increases
> capacitance between the bus lines.  I don't have personal experience, but
> I've read anecdotal evidence that some cartridges do not work on the SX-64.

Interesting.  When the cartridge was working, I had the case removed and 
the cartridge connector (with AR inserted) was unscrewed and loose. 
Since putting everything back together again, it hasn't worked once.

> How old is your AR?  The oldest versions had several chips, which could
> place more load on the bus.

Very old.  It was once an AR Mk IV which I've converted to a Mk VI by 
adding the SRAM and a new EPROM.  It does have the single custom logic 
chip rather than seperate logic (like the Lazer/Freeze Machine).  Works 
OK in a standard 64.

I've got a brand new Retro Replay here, just waiting for some game 
cartridges to arrive so I can hack one up to make a case for it.  I'll 
see how that goes.

>>I've got several AR freezed programs on disk.  Most load fine but some 
>>lock up after loading.  There's definitely some sort of compatibility 
>>issue going on.
> Can you load those programs when the cartridge is not plugged in?

I've only tried loading them without the cartridge inserted.  They are 
normal PRG files, not Warp25 or anything odd.  Some snapshots are OK, 
but others consistently hang with a blank coloured screen, e.g. Thing on 
a Spring II.  I have a D64 of the same disk and Thing II loads and runs 
fine in VICE on the PC.

I know the SX-64 ROM differs to a standard 64, but I've not checked 
exactly how different they are.


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