Re: Questions about SFD-1001 and IEEE Flash!

From: Nicolas Welte (
Date: 2005-01-29 17:29:50

Fuller Dennis (RBNA/CIT3) wrote:
> It flashes 5 times and pauses then repeats this cycle for as long as you
> care to watch!
> I've tried doing Google searches but have been unable to find any place
> that documents any fault codes.  I have checked the manual and found
> nothing either.  The next step is to get my IEEE Flash setup.  I am
> hoping that the fault code is only because it is disconnected from the
> computer.  Maybe the SFD-1001 tries to perform some handshaking at
> powerup?

You can use the codes for the 8050/8250, since the DOS ROM is the same for 
all these drives. If you look here:
you can see that five flashes are a zeropage fault, and the cause can be a 
bad 6530 or 6502. From experience, it's the 6530. It's the 40 pin chip that 
sits on the small daughterboard. It might be worth to check if the 
daughterboard is connected well, because that might be another reason for the 
blink code.


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