RE: Questions about SFD-1001 and IEEE Flash!

From: Fuller Dennis (RBNA/CIT3) (
Date: 2005-01-29 14:41:55

Mike Paull asks: 
>Do you mean it flashes once and then stops, or is it flashing in some
of sequence?
>Mine flashes once and then goes off, that is normal. If there is a
>sequence then it means there is a fault and the led is
>displaying the fault code.

It flashes 5 times and pauses then repeats this cycle for as long as you
care to watch!

I've tried doing Google searches but have been unable to find any place
that documents any fault codes.  I have checked the manual and found
nothing either.  The next step is to get my IEEE Flash setup.  I am
hoping that the fault code is only because it is disconnected from the
computer.  Maybe the SFD-1001 tries to perform some handshaking at



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